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Are you ready to break out and spread some positivity?

Hi, I'm Michael J. Maher and I know exactly how you feel.  For the better part of the last ten years I've been doing live events and connecting with people in person.  

 I started the Notevember Challenge in 2014 as a result of meeting a real live curmudgeon!  I was at a speaking event in Portland in October of 2014 and I mentioned how November was a great month to connect with clients, friends, and family.  She proudly stated, "What's so great about it?  It's cold.  The trees don't even have leaves on them.  Even the month starts with the word NO."

Honestly, I was a little taken aback.  How could I change the perception of a month that started with the word NO?  So I started playing with the word....Yesvember didn't sound right.  So I started thinking of ways to show gratitude....and Notevember was born!

The Challenge....

30 notes in 30 days!

Join us for inspiration every day in the month of November! We will challenge you to write and mail a note each day!

Join Us!


Notetracker keeps you accountable and measures results by tracking who you write, what you write, and more...


Learning from others in the challenge, with some of the best POWER notes we've seen, will provide the tools you need to begin writing your own notes and turning them into POWER notes.


Each day, International Bestselling Author, Michael J. Maher, gives helpful hints and suggestions to make your notes even more powerful.

Join us...

30 notes in 30 days!

Spread positivity! Grow as a person! Make a difference! Begin with the goal of making others happy through simple handwritten notes and reignite your passion for business and life along the way!.

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