Start Here With A Strategy Session
Start Here With A Strategy Session

It all started with a book...

Well, actually it started after I died. (Don't worry, they brought me back.) The the first outline of (7L) happened that very day on a napkin in the ICU at a hospital.

I knew there was more of my story to share. I knew a better way to do business and now it was my mission to share that with the world.

Now, years later, and never coming off the Amazon best-seller list, I'm glad to see that this book is changing lives. But then something else happened...


Have you read it yet?

...that turned into a Movement!

The movement with the premise that there is a better way to do business.

Why do we need to be one way for our work life and another way for our at home life? Work does not need to be about learning lines to get a sale and pretending to be someone you aren't.

Why not approach your work day with the same love you show your family, the same generosity you show friends, and the same appreciation you show spiritually?

Welcome to the Generosity Generation

I'm glad you are here!

My name is Michael J. Maher and I'm on mission to change the way business is done.
No more "Hustle", "Grind", "Coffee is for Closers" work environments! I'm over cold calling and door knocking! Why market to strangers when you can communicate with friends?
Why not create a business that not only feeds your family, but feeds your soul?
Sound good to you? Join me and thousands of other like minded entrepreneurs inside our GenGen Community! I'll see you there!

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Some common struggles we hear:

We can help

You lead a team, and a community.  If you know it or not.  You are business owner and have a following.  If you are ready to take control of how you are leading and growing, we can help.  Develop deeper relationships with your friends, family, clients, and peers by growing your business by referral.  We would be honored to help you. 

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