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Referral Mastery Academy was founded out of the demand from the thousands of business owners that want to learn a new way to do business. A way based on love, generosity, and appreciation.

Referral Mastery Academy is set up like a university. You can go to the library for free, you can sign up for just one class, or you can register as a lifelong learner and have access to any and all classes - LIVE or On Demand.

However you choose to learn, rest assured, it can be life changing if you take time to implement. We are here to help. REFERCO only offers life-changing courses, training, and coaching.



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I've referred it to everyone I can think of...

"As a person who hates getting out of bed earlier than I have to, it has been good to find new reasons to make it a habit.  I've referred it to everyone I can think of because many people do already get up early but they need to get up better and don't even know they can!"

- Lisa

My event was a huge success...

"My Client Appreciation Pumpkin Patch event yesterday was a huge success.  Thank you Michael Maher/GenGen/Event Mastery for teaching me to build my business with love, generosity, and appreciation!"

- Mary

Can't wait for what's next...

"I like challenges so I LOVE the notevember challenge. For me, challenges keep me motivated even if it's doing things I already do/mostly do, etc.  I'd like to do a challenge a month to improve my business. Can't wait for what's next in GenGen!"

- Ami

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Featured Program: 


#Notevember Challenge

Feel the love


Our annual challenge built around handwritten notes and spreading gratitude!  In this class Michael will give you daily inspiration on a note to write.  Then it's up to you to complete the challenge that day.  30 notes in 30 days is the goal.  Are you up for this challenge? 


This 30 day challenge started November 1st.


1 to 1 Mastery


Learn to love networking!


For the first time our 1 to 1 Mastery course is included in RMA! For 3 weeks Michael J. Maher and Tara Carter will teach you how to turn relationships in to referrals!


New Session begins November 27th!
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Yearly Appreciation Plans


Map out  your 2024 communication plan week by week for your entire database. 

Michael leads you through 2 business planning sessions to get your entire year planned out.  Don't worry he'll add a little humor along the way!


Starts December 7th!

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World Class Mentors!

Michael J. Maher

Author of (7L) | Founder of GenGen | CEO of REFERCO | Visionary of Referral Mastery Academy | REALTOR | Speaker | Trainer | Coach | Max's Dad

Sheri Maher

Vice President Operations | Producer of Referrals Podcast | Certified Referral Trainer | Certified Mornings Coach | Michael's Wife | Max's Mom

Paul "Pauly" Domenech

Certified Referral Trainer | Certified Mornings Coach | Certified Evenings Trainer | REALTOR

Angela Gribbins

Certified Referral Trainer | Certified Mornings Coach | REALTOR

Tara Carter

Certified Referral Trainer | REALTOR

Sandy Krestan

Certified Referral Trainer | Lender

Nicole Aldaz

Certified Referral Trainer | REALTOR

Monique Harps

Certified Referral Trainer | REALTOR  |  USAF

Karla Roberdeau

Certified Referral Trainer | REALTOR

The system is simple and allows me to knock it out of the park

"Event Mastery has taught me a way to communicate with my clients in a personal way. The system is simple and allows me to knock it out of the park every time. Michael delivers the information in a clear concise way. I am excited to see what this is going to do for my career.

I highly recommend this course!"

- Terri

Let's make a difference in this world

"My why for #MarchMagic? Is to keep living life to the fullest every single day. After being diagnosed with breast cancer last year, it was a huge wake up call. I feel called to not only be an inspiration to my family but to others as well, I want to be able to use my business as a platform to help others and give back. I don't do excuses anymore. I have goals in every aspect of my life and I will attain them. Now let's make a difference in this world!"

- Danielle


"Why I joined the (7L) Book Club: Accountability!!!!

I know what I need to do. I read (7L) back in 2012 and many times since! But I've only implemented a few strategies. And minimal at best. I want to perfect at least four more strategies! And I needed a shot in the arm of Michael!"

- Tania

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