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Want to PERSONALLY Work With You In Your Business To Help You Master Events (even virtual ones) So You Can Party Your Way to Success!

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Jaime Apuna - Honolulu, HI
"First I Love You Latte @ Island Brew. Chose to support local merchant instead of corporate. Some of my Ambassadors. I think it was pretty successful considering I got 5 referrals from this small group."

Terri Lawson - Anchorage, AK
"Event Mastery has taught me a way to communicate with my clients in a personal way. The system is simple and allows me to knock it out of the park every time. Michael delivers the information in a clear concise way. I am excited to see what this is going to do for my career. I highly recommend this course. Five Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Mitch Nonn - Wealth Advisor
"Event Mastery Class was a great step by step program to implement a successful event. As someone who needs structure to feel confidence, it gave me that. Even though I am not in real estate, the strategies can be applied to my industry. Thank you Michael J. Maher"

Thommy Sandvick - Orlando, FL
"As someone who just started in the 7L system in November and is also just getting started with my business, running my first event through event mastery was truly the most valuable thing I've done since starting in the system. It allowed me to stir up my existing database, gave me something to talk about both in person and on the phone, and showed me the areas I need to improve within my network so I can generate more referrals. I'm all about cutting the learning curve at every opportunity to get faster results. If that is a philosophy you live by, then it's a total no brainer!"

Shawn Woods - Palm Beach FL
"Event Mastery Class gave me the guidance and the confidence to hold a successful event. The collective energy of the class helped me get over my fears and just do it. It was a safe place to share ideas, failures, lessons and encourage each other to succeed. Lots of love and support flowing through this amazing group. Thank you!
P.S. Best thing I've ever done. Total confidence boost."

Zach Wessolleck - Woodbridge VA
"I would very highly recommend Event Mastery as it has put our business on an awesome track. I know that if I had not done it then our event would have been much less successful because there would not have been a real system in place. Not only did we get around 50 attendees and 2 referrals from the event but in the process of doing the invites, I was introduced to many new people (including one client who invited me over and introduced me to all of their neighbors!). Both our title company and home warranty company said that our event was one of the best that they have sponsored in terms of attendance and having great interactions among attendees. I feel so blessed to have taken the course and now being in Catalyst."

Jesse Gomez - Camarillo CA
"JUST DO IT! …stay plugged in to Event Mastery when you're doing it, so many questions will get answered. In the process of sending invitations and calling to confirm, some let me know that they were not able to come but 2 conversation began about refinancing to refer my lenders or selling in the near future, so they just move up on top of my list to stay in touch. At the event I did have registration entry forms for the raffle and on that form I do ask, for a referral. 3 solid referrals, which one is under contract to sell. I had a total of 8 sponsors and 14 gift cards from the sponsors to raffle off. Now that I’ve done it, I’m ready for the next one, but staying plugged in to Event Mastery for sure!"


Over 7 Weeks We Will Walk You Through The (7L) Live or Virtual Event System, Step-By-Step, So You Can Go From Relationships To Referrals...

Organizing Your Database

Before the program starts we will cover how to organize and grow your database to achieve maximum results

Launch Marketing Plan

Begin marketing your event via emails, social media, and phone calls.  We help you remove any of the guess work.

Event Week

Event WEEK! Leverage the door prize registration form and receive Referrals!

Picking the Correct Event

How to choose which event works best for you, such as a client appreciation event or even an 'I LOVE You Latte' event.

Leverage Partners

How to leverage sponsors, pick appropriate door prizes, and choose a charity.

The Power of Follow Up

How to successfully follow up with attendees and referrals received

Marketing Preparation

Getting your marketing materials ready such as videos, emails, call, and social media posts

Preparation and Execution

How to successfully prepare and run the event in order to maximize referrals.

Why Event Mastery Is Pretty Much A...


What You Can Expect Inside:

  • ​Step By Step Referral System: No more guessing on how to generate referrals for your business
  • Coaching and Accountability: We will help you every step of the way to follow proven marketing blueprints
  • Unlimited Support: Never get stuck or have your questions unanswered
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"Best Decision EVER"

"I am so happy and grateful for my referral partners. They participate in my appreciation events and I refer them business. My last event yielded 3 million in sales. My referral partners received the business appropriate to their industries. GENEROSITY ROCKS!"
- Cici Bower, San Jose CA

What Can LIVE or Virtual Events Do...

For Your Business?

Events are near the top of the (7L) Communication Pyramid and located in the Influential Zone!

Here Are the Top 3 Reasons To Hold An Event

Brand Awareness

It’s no coincidence that Salesforce, Apple, and Facebook invest serious time and money to create events.
Events give you the opportunity to  be Face to Face with potential clients, vendors and referral sources.
One of the best marketing channels is word of mouth, and events inherently encourage your existing audience to spread the word.

New Reason to Connect

Don't you hate it when you want to reach out to your database and you're not sure what to talk about?
Not anymore!
Inviting people to an event is the most exciting reason to communicate with your database.


Attention Span!

As consumers, we are inundated with messages 24/7. Apparently our average attention span has plummeted from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013 (less than a goldfish).
While attendees may come and go over the course of an event, you have a significantly greater amount of time to capture their attention than you do online.
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Read This Before Going ANY further:

From The Desk Of Michael J Maher
Atlanta, GA.

I designed a system, THE (7L) SYSTEM, based around a philosophy of GENEROSITY.

Practice what you preach, and those who have implemented the system, have found that a business based on generosity leads to reciprocity in the form of referrals, help, and good will far beyond anything they could ever imagine.

As I always say, “It’s a living worth living. It’s a living worth loving.”

After sharing this philosophy and system in the International Bestseller (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication: Go from Relationships to Referrals, Michael with no plans for speaking, coaching, or training was instantly inundated with requests to teach the system.

Now thousands upon thousands of professionals attend our events, and I want to help you do the same.

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Here's What You Will Receive Including FREE Exclusive Bonuses (Total Value $3685 )

  • 7 Weeks of LIVE Coaching Calls with Q&A - The coaching calls will teach you step-by-step how to generate referrals with events (Value $1997)

  • Unlimited Support - Join Our Private Facebook Group and have 24/7 access to my team (Value $500)

  • FREE Bonus #1 - Digital Copy of the Event Mastery Action Guide - so you can follow along with the course, the 7L System, take notes, and implement faster! (Value $497)

  • FREE Bonus #2​ - Our Yearly Appreciation Plans which will be your new 52-week Business Plans for your database (Value $497)

  • FREE Bonus #3​ - Secret Rock Star Interview #1 on How an Agent Generated 148 Referrals from just one event (Value $97)

  • FREE Bonus #4​ - Secret Rock Star Interview #2 with a Billion Dollar Agent Alan Domb shares how he dominated his database so you can too! (Value $97)

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Our Referral Guarantee

If you follow the program and do not receive at least 1 Referral, we will let you take the course until you do!  

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  • What if I don't have a large database?

    No Worries... This program will help you maximize your current database and grow it using referrals.
  • What if I can't attend one of the training calls?

    All coaching calls will be recorded and placed in the members area.
  • What happens if I have questions and need help?

    We will allow for Q&A on each coaching call and you can ask questions 24/7 in our private Facebook Group. My entire team is here to help!
  • How many referrals can I expect?

    This really depends if you implement the program, we have students who generated anywhere from 5 to 148 referrals per event.
  • Is there a Referral Guarantee?

    If you follow the program and do not receive 1 Referral, we will let you take the course until you do!
  • I want to do an event but not sure where to start?

    Great news, you are in the right place! We help you identify which event is best suited for you and your business. Plenty of event options to choose from.
  • Any Other Questions?

    Contact support at [email protected].
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