Starts May 2nd, 2023

Join us and the CATALYST*s of the Generosity Generation for the ULTIMATE (7L) Book Club!

In This (7L) Book Club We Will...
  • Cover the entire (7L) book.
  • Meet Tuesday and Friday from 1pm to 2pm EST each week
  • Have Guided Discussions around what the key strategies are to implement.
  • Discuss why these strategies work so well at earning referrals.
  • Record all sessions for you to review again and again.
Join This (7L) Book Club if You:
  • Want a Deeper Understanding of (7L) and all of the concepts.
  • Need Strategies to get people talking about you and your business and refer people that are ready to hire you.
  • Need Opportunities  to have more referral conversations and just get in front of more people.
  • Need Help identifying who potential referral sources could be.

Dave Ramsey

"If you want to win in business...this book will show you how."



Gary Keller

"Master the generosity a powerful, referral-based business...put the wisdom of (7L) into practice."

Dr. Ivan Misner

"Every real estate agent needs to read this book and give it to all their referral partners. In (7L), Michael shows you how to build a recession-proof network."

Tina Collazo
Realtor - McLean, VA

"  By the way, I ratified a contract for $575K on Friday, went on 2 listing appts the week before, and got one of the listings and it will go on the market for $1.9M. This is the highest listing I've ever had! The Book Club has been game-changing! " 

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