✓ September 27-29, 2024
✓  Atlanta, Georgia
✓ Omni Atlanta at Centennial Park


Unleash Your Super Power!! 


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Hi, I'm Michael J. Maher, author of (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication, Go From Relationships to Referrals, and I'd like to invite you to Referral Mastery Summit 2024!



Referral Mastery Summit 2024

Unleash Your Superpower!

Come to Atlanta and:


➔ Learn from Michael J. Maher! What else is there to say? He wrote the book on referrals, and you have the chance to learn directly from him. He will share the blueprint you should be working from for the current real estate market.
➔ Learn from over 20+ of current top producing agents and lenders! They share the marketing and leadership strategies they are using right now to succeed and grow.
➔ Learn how to implement exact strategies that will get you referrals today! Not someday business, right now business.
➔ Take part in networking parties, and connect with other leaders from GenGen!

And soooooooo much more! Three days of non-stop connecting, learning, and growing!

And it’s all happening in the ATL!

Yes - Save my seat!

Join me for 3 days in Atlanta, Georgia and you'll receive:

The Roadmap for 2025

All The Business Connections You Can Handle!

The Community That You Have Been Craving So You Don't Have To Do This Alone!

Plenty of Atlanta Attractions to Explore After Sessions!

The Spark Back Into Your Soul To Return Home On Fire For Your Business And Life!

All New Perspective....that you totally deserve!

Find out how you can become a SUPER Sponsor!

Tell Me More!!

Is a Three Day Conference Really Worth it?

NOT if you believe:


➔ I don’t have the time

➔ I don’t have the money

➔ I like to do things on my own

YES if you believe:


➔ Investing in learning is the only way to grow!

➔ I can get someone to cover important business for me for just 3 or 4 days!

➔ This money is an investment (and tax write off) in my business and myself!

➔ Learning from top professionals is a short cut for me and can save years of struggle!

➔ I can bring my family and make this a vacation too!

What does the RMS24 agenda look like?


Imagine what it will feel like to leave Referral Mastery Summit 2024 with:

  • Your 2025 business plan in place

  • Your body restored and rejuvenated from the getaway

  • Your mind is back in the game and you are focused more than ever on your business

  • Your soul is at peace as you have finally found your tribe of business owners that truly get you and how you want to run your business

What would it be worth to feel like this?



What!?  You've never been to a RMS event before?

Check out our last 2 live event recap videos…

Yes - Save my seat!

*But the event isn't until September...*


What do I get NOW?

Oh, you want a bonus??? OK….

How about we bonus you all of the recordings from the 2019 and 2022 Referral Mastery Summits?  Every keynote, every break out session, everything!!!


If you were to have attended both of these past events, after you include airfare, hotel, meals, and tickets you would have spent around $5,000!

But you will get all of the recordings for FREE with your registration to RMS24!!

**Recordings are digital and access will be sent to your email.  **

Yes - Save my seat!

Details about our Amazing Venue.....

The Omni Atlanta at Centennial Park

  • Room block rates are just $229 per night! So, even if you are local to Atlanta it’s worth it to stay and not have to fight traffic each day!
  • Nearby activities include: CNN Center, Skyview Atlanta, College Football Hall of Fame, World of Coca-Cola, Georgia Aquarium, and Centennial Park!
  • FREE wifi in your room!
  • FREE access to the 24 hour fitness center!
  • Numerous restaurants onsite!

The resort is 20 minutes away from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL).

What are you waiting for?

Join me (and several hundred of my GenGen friends) in Atlanta, Georgia for three unbelievable days.  You will return home rejuvenated, and on fire for business and life.

I'll see you there!

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What are you waiting for?

Join me (and several hundred of my GenGen friends) in Orlando, Florida for three unbelievable days.  You will return home rejuvenated, and on fire for business and life.

I'll see you there!

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