Helping you generate consistent, high quality, leveraged REFERRALS so you can party your way to success using the Referral Mastery System

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Your Referrals are inconsistent or low quality and you want your phone ringing every day with a Referral to your ideal client

You’ve reached a plateau and are overwhelmed from constantly trying to learn new scripts, social media platforms, and sales techniques to get over the hump and grow to the next level

You’re being told to turn into someone you’re not just to get a sale and you know that’s not the way you want to grow your business or live your life


If that Sounds Like You, We can Help

I'm Michael J Maher, and together with our VP of Coaching Thommy Sandvick, we've created something for people like you, because if you’re anything like us, and the clients we work with, then you probably realize that Referrals are the best way to grow your business. 

And you might be getting a Referrals already, but you probably realize a lack of focus is keeping you stuck.

And it’s not your fault.  At every turn, you’re inundated with someone trying to sell you the next great script, the next social media platform, or the next hot new sales training.

The problem is, not only is that keeping you stuck and overwhelmed, many of those outdated methods are based on things that make you turn into someone you’re not.

All You Need is a Plan, FOCUS, and Community


Are you ready to be a CATALYST* and build a business that feeds your family and feeds your soul?

I'm Ready!

Would You Like To...

  • Know exactly what to spend your time on so you can fast track your way to success? (Repeatable)
  • Take consistent action so you finally create momentum in your business
  • Increase productivity so you can move the needle on the things that matter?
  • Show up with maximum energy every day so you can operate at peak efficiency
  • ​Have total life and business alignment so you feel completely fulfilled in all areas of life? (No More Burn Out)
  • ​Quit sacrificing your time, energy, and personal relationships to grow your business

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Here's What's Included Inside The 


Coaching Program:

Weekly Strategic Group Coaching

Pursuing a business built on Referrals isn’t a one-time decision. It’s an ongoing commitment to going against the grain and continuing to align your actions with your instinct, personality, values, and visions.  But as you experience more growth and success, the trap of MORE becomes harder to avoid. Nearly every industry teaches us that more means more. It takes more hours to make more. More teammates to find more leaders. More sales for more promotions.

But we believe in the power of LESS.

And in CATALYST*, we are here to provide coaching and support every step of your journey towards less… So you can stay on track and remain focused on what’s important. CATALYST* includes consistent high-level mentorship and support from leaders sharing your commitment to building a business that feeds your family and feeds your soul.

Each week you’ll take part in a high-touch coaching call to give you structure and support to accomplish your goals.

Army of Ambassadors Toolkit

This step-by-step training module will help you organize, grade, and communicate with your existing database in a way that honors your values.  This is the absolute foundation to getting started in the (7L) System

The CATALYST* Community

Proximity is power. To truly become your best self, you need to learn from and be around a community of like-minded people who can keep you on track and inspire you to be your best

And in CATALYST*, you can tap into the minds of leaders who live by their values and are pursuing a life of not only success, but also significance.

You'll receive access to the private Facebook group and you'll be able to attend the monthly CATALYST* Mastermind

Referral Mastery Academy

You asked for it, so here it is!  CATALYST* now includes ALL Referral Mastery Academy challenges and live classes including:

  • #30Mornings
  • Event Mastery
  • #SweetDreams
  • Summerfest
  • March Magic
  • Notevemeber
  • The (7L) Book Blub

and our 2 new classes (coming soon):

  • The 30 Referrals in 30 Day Challenge 


Coaching Program Offer Summary:

  • Weekly Strategic Coaching ($12,991 Value)

  •  The Army of Ambassadors Toolkit ($497)

  •   CATALYST* Community Mastermind and Facebook Group ( $1997)

  •  All Referral Mastery Academy Classes and Challenges ($5497 value)

    Total Value = $20,982



     All You have To Do Next To Take Advantage of Everything Inside CATALYST* Is Click The Option Below That Best Suits You



Option 1

Get Started now for $1997 Pay in Full Today

(12-Month Payment Plan Available)


Apply Now

Interested in our highest level of support to get Referrals even faster?

Apply for 1:1 Coaching

  • Options from $597-$1497/month
  • Team Coaching also available

Here's what our students have to say...


Before CATALYST* I knew I had to get out there and talk to people. I was networking and seeing the results on my business but I wanted to maximize what I could do with it. After reading (7L) something spoke to me about doing business through generosity and having a relationship based business. In come the catalyst program, it gave me the tools to systematize networking to a point where I could create strong relationships fast… know exactly how to communicate and what to do to take my influence in the community to the next level. Moreover I got a chance to develop as a person. CATALYST* teaches you how to be a self sufficient entrepreneur with the benefits of having a whole team and community behind you to support you. I know feel confident growing my business on relationships and I love the process of doing it!

Ahmed Ahmed

Health Coach