How are heart-centered entrepreneurs generating REFERRALS quickly and consistently without asking?

Learn how to meet new people and turn them into raving fans who speak highly of you and Refer you willingly without feeling awkward or sacrificing your values.

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Your Referrals are inconsistent or low quality and you want your phone ringing every day with a Referral to your ideal client

You’ve reached a plateau and are overwhelmed from constantly trying to learn new scripts, social media platforms, and sales techniques to get over the hump and grow to the next level

You’re being told to turn into someone you’re not just to get a sale and you know that’s not the way you want to grow your business or live your life


If that Sounds Like You, We can Help

I'm Michael J Maher, and together with our VP of Coaching Thommy Sandvick, we've created something for people like you, because if you’re anything like us, and the clients we work with, then you probably realize that Referrals are the best way to grow your business. 

And you might be getting a Referrals already, but you probably realize a lack of focus is keeping you stuck.

And it’s not your fault.  At every turn, you’re inundated with someone trying to sell you the next great script, the next social media platform, or the next hot new sales training.

The problem is, not only is that keeping you stuck and overwhelmed, many of those outdated methods are based on things that make you turn into someone you’re not.

Would You Like To...

  • Know exactly what to spend your time on so you can fast track your way to success? (Repeatable)
  • Take consistent action so you finally create momentum in your business
  • Increase productivity so you can move the needle on the things that matter?
  • Show up with maximum energy every day so you can operate at peak efficiency
  • ​Have total life and business alignment so you feel completely fulfilled in all areas of life? (No More Burn Out)
  • ​Quit sacrificing your time, energy, and personal relationships to grow your business

 Are You Finally Ready to go from Daily Prospecting to Daily Referrals

So You Can Build a Business that Feeds Your Family AND Feeds Your Soul?

Then You're Invited to BE A...


Is REFERCO's signature coaching program designed to take your Referral business to the next level.  

Based on the best selling book "The 7 Levels of Communication: Go From Relationships to Referrals" by Michael J Maher, CATALYST* helps you build and execute your communication plan so you can finally go from daily prospecting to daily Referrals!

What Kind of results have CATALYST*S Experienced? 


"In April 2020, I was terrified as I had a new baby on the way and a pandemic on the rise. NO BUSINESS in the pipeline. None. Fast forward a year and I have 27 transactions that are active/pending/sold in the last 180 days. You guys! I was lucky if I hit 25 in a whole year prior to this! The methods have completely transformed my business, myself, my family, and my referral partners lives. I have been able to create a solid community of wonderful people too! I truly encourage you to ignite the CATALYST* to your businesses growth this year! You can do it. Seriously. I have two small children and at the time I started a brand new baby. I am the most unorganized, high "I" personality you could ever meet. IT WORKS. And, IT'S EASY. No excuse! Make 2021 your best year yet. Success is on the other side!!!” 

Jennah Lebruno-Pust

5 Transactions completed, 13 under contract in her first 3 months and now has over 20 Ambassadors and Champions


"Working with the CATLYST* curriculum has really changed my perspective on how to "sell" and conduct my business. Being a sales professional for the past 10 years, I had always been taught the same techniques as far as cold calling, "feel-felt-found" closes, etc over and over but always felt like there was a better way. After working with Thommy, I have learned how to attract the correct clients through simple acts of caring, generosity and intentionality of who I am seeking to be a part of my community. He works hard to change your way of thinking from always trying to GET something from people, and learn to GIVE to others and watch the reciprocation unveil before you. I highly recommend Thommy and Referco and giving their program a shot for a fresh new look on growing your business - whatever that may look like for you."

Josh Dougherty

Healthcare Broker, Referrals Podcast Episode 174

12 new group healthcare clients and 4 in the pipeline in 6 months


"In 2 months I have gotten 16 Referrals and 2 have turned into closed business. It doesn't take long to turn relationships into Referrals once you are clear on who you are and know how to genuinely build great relationships with people!"

Martine Richardson

Real Estate Investor

CATALYST* Includes:

2 live (7L) training sessions delivered every month on Zoom.  Learn the (7L) Strategies at a mastery level from Certified Referral Trainers as you learn to build and execute your communication plan.  

A monthly CATALYST* community call so you can mastermind, role play, get your questions answered, and implement (7L) with your fellow CATALYST*S and Certified Referral Trainers

A weekly growth call where you'll be given the mindset training and accountability so you stay on track with the core (7L) metrics that create daily Referrals!


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Before CATALYST* I knew I had to get out there and talk to people. I was networking and seeing the results on my business but I wanted to maximize what I could do with it. After reading (7L) something spoke to me about doing business through generosity and having a relationship based business. In come the catalyst program, it gave me the tools to systematize networking to a point where I could create strong relationships fast… know exactly how to communicate and what to do to take my influence in the community to the next level. Moreover I got a chance to develop as a person. CATALYST* teaches you how to be a self sufficient entrepreneur with the benefits of having a whole team and community behind you to support you. I know feel confident growing my business on relationships and I love the process of doing it!

Ahmed Ahmed

Health Coach

Is there a better Time than NOW for YOU to...

  • Implement Referral Generating Strategies from (7L) on a Monthly Basis
  • Implement Low to No Cost Strategies that will Earn You Referrals NOW
  • Have a Business that Not Only Feeds Your Family, but Feeds Your Soul
    Learn a Referral Based Business Directly from people who have done it!

It's Time To

Create Authentic Transformation and Launch Your Success Today!



12 x $197

12 Monthly Payments of $197

  • 2 Live (7L) Training Calls Each Month 
  • Monthly CATALYST* Community Call to connect with fellow CATALYST*S
  • Weekly Growth Call - Accountability and mindset coaching to keep you on track



One Time Payment

  • Save 15%!
  • 2 Live (7L) Training Calls Each Month 
  • Monthly CATALYST* Community Call to connect with fellow CATALYST*S
  • Weekly Growth Call - Accountability and mindset coaching to keep you on track


"I never realized I needed training like this because it’s easy to think you’re a high performer and are good at building relationships. I don’t feel like I’m drowning anymore and I’m fine even on a business day because I know I’m capable of getting everything done. My work in CATALYST* and SPARK has not only transformed my business, but has transformed my life”

Chad Kraft  

Marketing Agency Owner and Certified Referral Trainer –Referrals Podcast Episode 160

9 Referrals Received, 5 new clients,
in 3 months