"This program the key to your success in 2022.  Set your plan for next year NOW, and then work your plan and reap the results.  We've never done these planning sessions at such a value.  Get in on this deal NOW!" 


~ Michael  J. Maher










  • Learn a Strategic, Tactical and Proven Plan for your Database in the December Class
  • ​How to Build an Army of Ambassadors
  • Mapped Out Week by Week Plan for 2022 and Start the Year with Serious Momentum
  • 2 Live Coaching Classes with Michael to Create a Customized Plan for Your Business in December
  • Not 1, but 2 Plans for your Database
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Why December 7th and 14th are THE MOST Important 2 Days You’ll Experience This Year...


It very well may be the key that opens 2022 off to your strongest start ever!
Let’s face it, November and December are incredibly busy... BUT this is also when you set the foundation for how your business will start the New Year!


Obviously, I could easily charge more for this kind of exclusive access to me. (Remember, I’m the one meeting with you LIVE for 60 minutes for 2 weeks in a row.)
I generally reserve this kind of access to only coaching members, even charging upwards of $3000 for 1-on-1 coaching, but…

I really wanted to do something impactful for those who aren't Coaching members...and I believe in it so much that I'm GUARANTEEING that you’ll walk away from our 2 weeks together with a customized weekly referral plan for 2022!


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"All of the courses we offer at REFERCO are instrumental to success.  The YAPS Training is the roadmap for your entire year."


~ Thommy Sandvick, VP of Coaching at REFERCO


Michael J. Maher is known as “North America’s Most Referred Real Estate Professional” selling over 1700 homes from referrals over the last 17 years and receiving over 500 referrals per year for 8 straight years making millions selling real estate.

"This coaching program is amazing.....but I'm going to make it even better!  What if you could get ME coaching YOU to create your 2022 business plan for just $97


 Come on....join me!"


~ Michael  J. Maher
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By enrolling in the YAPs (Yearly Appreciation Plan) training with Michael you also get access to our Referral Library!  Here you will find:

The Official (7L) Resources

Every Referrals Podcast Episode 

Every "Daily Dose" Video

and so much more...

December LIVE Coaching with Michael begins Dec 7th!

Over nearly 20+ years, Michael has developed two 52-Week Plans that have helped 1000's of business owners and real estate agents get tens of thousands of Referrals and Repeat Clients. On the training Zooms, he'll explain the Plans and Help You Construct Your Own PERSONALIZED and CUSTOMIZED Plan for You and YOUR BUSINESS!   The 2 LIVE Zoom sessions will be held on December 7th and 14th at 2:00EST.  All sessions will be recorded and are personally hosted by Michael J. Maher. 

FREE Call with Coach

After you complete the December business planning session with Michael you will have access to set up a Free coaching call with one of our Certified Referral Coaches.

On this call you can get your strategy questions answered, and find out if you are fit for one of our coaching options.  These include:

1.  Implement on your own option with Referral Mastery Academy

2.  Implement in a group setting option with CATALYST

3.  Personalized one on one coaching 

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"Don't miss this opportunity to to hire me to be your coach for just $97.  Let's create your plan for all of 2022!

~ Michael  J. Maher

Nancy La Mascus

"I love what you did with the Referral Library!  Everything is organized and right at my fingertips!"

Terri Lawson

"Event Mastery has taught me a way to communicate with my clients in a personal way. The system is simple and allows me to knock it out of the park every time. Michael delivers the information in a clear concise way. I highly recommend this course!"

Tania MacLeod

"I read (7L) back in 2012 and many times since! But I've only implemented a few strategies. And minimal at best.  I needed a shot in the arm of Michael...and he delivered in the (7L) Book Club!"

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