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Are You Afraid of Networking Because You Think:


You are Too Shy

Do you feel uncomfortable in social situations and find it challenging to strike up conversations or make new connections?  


You Fear Rejection

Are you afraid of reaching out to others because you fear you will be rejected or that your efforts to connect will be ignored?  If you do meet someone do you have a system for follow up? 


Networking is so Self Serving

Do you view networking as a purely a transactional activity and feel uncomfortable engaging in it, especially if you feel you are only interacting with others to gain some sort of advantage?  Does networking even work?


You Don't Have Time

Your busy schedule and demanding workload makes it difficult for you to find the time to network.  And if you do find the time, do you find yourself running all over town trying to attend events?


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Everything you need to start networking....and LOVE it!


In the 1 to 1 Mastery class, you will learn how to maximize your time and have connections come to you instead of driving all over town.  Learn the art of turning relationships to referrals.
This will be done in bite sized, manageable sessions, so you can leave feeling determined and with an actionable plan!


I'm In!

The 1 to 1 Mastery Class applies to your business in so many ways! It will help you:

  • Strengthen Existing Referral Relationships

  • Create Relationships That Lead to Referrals

  • Add Consistency to Monthly Closings

  • Become Connected AND a Connector

  • Have Productive Meetings with Influencers

  • Grow Your Database and Your Influence

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What's Included in This Course:


#1- Three weeks of training and habit building, you will be educated on how to effectively network to increase referrals


#2- Each Monday, you will receive one hour of training on networking, relationship building, and maximizing referrals


#3- Each Friday, we will hold one hour of live Q&A sessions where you can ask anything

The Result? 


New Skills Learned

Consistent Habits Developed

Increased Referrals

Deeper Relationships

A New YOU – 1 to 1 Networking MASTER!

The Result? 

New Skills Learned
Consistent Habits Developed

Increased Referrals

Deeper Relationships
A New YOU –  1 to 1 Networking MASTER!

Let's take a look at what to expect

Week 1: 

What is Networking
How is the (7L) Networking System Different


 Week 2: 

Who you Meet With Matters
How to Set up Meetings for Success


Week 3: 

Feel the Power of Connection
How to be Even More Purposeful 


Wait, what's included?


Live Instruction on Networking Strategies and Systems

Each Monday you will learn the systems and strategies that will take you and how you network to the next level. Throughout this course, your coaches will teach you concrete strategies that will help you to maximize your time, reduce your anxiety, and increase your referrals. 


Do a Little Networking on Your Own During the Week

Yes, you read that right.  The only way to fully learn a new strategy will be to implement it.  You gotta get out there!  But don't worry, your coaches will walk you through the exact steps to set you up for success.


Receive Personalized Feedback

The class will meet back up each Friday for a live Q&A session to discuss what worked well and what didn't.  Bring your success stories and your questions.

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Tara Carter

Founding member of Michael Maher's Certified Referral Trainers, and Top Producing Real Estate Agent in South Florida with the Great Florida Homes Team.

Michael J. Maher

Founder of the Generosity Generation and author of (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication.
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1 to 1 Mastery Is Coming Soon!

Referral Mastery Academy


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